Blessings in Disguise

It is funny to think sometimes about the senses of the human body.  After a long and very difficult day in a fast paced environment a person could relish the idea of just sitting and relaxing without the sense stimuli our bodies provide us.  Our bodies ache with the strains of continuous use of our muscles and bones to accomplish the tasks of the day.  A person could stretch out and let ourselves try to relieve ourselves of stresses of life.

One of the most annoying senses that seems to contribute the most agony is the sense of sound.  There is an old adage that silence is golden and this writer can attest to the validity of that adage.  The part that I find so humorous about the desire to squelch the sense of hearing is that when you look at each individual wave of sound that causes your eardrums to vibrate you find that if they were not present then another human sense kicks in.  It is not a sense in the truest form but it is sensed nonetheless.  That sense is the sense of loss, a void so to speak.

You look at the sources of these sounds and then think 10 or 20 years or longer into the future and realize those sounds will not be present.  They are the sounds created by our children just being children.  It is then that you no longer look at the sounds as a nuisance but thank god that you can hear them.  It means your children are at home and are safe.  You know where they are and how they are doing.  Some nuisances are like many other things, merely blessings in disguise.


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