Every adult has experienced it!

Time (or lack there of)!  Surely at one time or another every adult has uttered those words“there are not enough hours in the day.”

How does this happen?  We all exist in the same universe; therefore we should all have the same 24-hours in a day to accomplish what we set out to do.

Has anyone ever calculated to see that there really are 24-hours in a day?  Or are we being ripped off under the cover of darkness while we sleep?  There has to be some logical explanation of the disappearing hour.

I remember my mom caring for five kids, cooking three meals a day, the house was clean (again I say…5-kids!), she helped with homework, was our chauffeur to/from friends or activities, made sure we were bathed daily, and was able to keep the daily laundry to a minimum.  How did she do it?  (sorry, don’t have an answer for ya…I was just wondering how she did it all)  It seemed as though she had it figured out and her days remained stress-less.

Kids nowadays are finding they too are running short on hours and my kid likes to try to use the disappearing hour as a way to try and get more time with friends.

Here is an excerpt of a conversation with my youngest the other day.

Me: I think 3-4 hours at your friend’s house is plenty of time to spend together.

Him: What!  Hanging out is all day.

Me: No, hanging out can be for any period of time and I feel 3-4 hours is plenty.

Him: Mom, do you realized how fast the time goes by?  With only 3-4 hours, we hardly have time to do anything!

Me: Yep, sure do…live it every day!  Be home by 8:30.

He was home by the given time, but I can almost guarantee the four hours he was there were not long enough and will be asking if he can “hang-out” for the day this weekend.

Breaking it down: 1 day yields 24-hours in which to get it all done.

Less: (things that take up our time)

8-hrs (sleep, doesn’t matter if it is restful or not)

2-hrs (waking family, bathing yourself, dressing, preparing breakfast)

2-hrs (commute to/from work or school)

8-hrs (work)

2-hrs (preparing dinner, helping kids with homework, and dinner clean-up)

2-hrs (getting kids bathed, dressed, and in bed)

Have you done the math?  If not, let me save you some time and help you out.  The schedule above totals 24-hours!!!

I by no means would be considered an “Einstein”; I have however mathematically figured out what people have been saying for decades.  According to the quick time glimpse above, There are not enough hours in the day! 🙂

No wonder I feel like all I have time for is work, homework/study, grab a bite, take dogs out to potty, and sleep….then get up and do it all again tomorrow. 

I hope that you are able to find time in your busy schedules to have fun, live life, make memories, and never regret anything that made you smile.

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