Taking the Summer Off

Finally, Decision Made!

Last night around nine o’clock,  while I was putting the finishing touches on a presentation for this morning, and after working past 7:00pm on Monday night; I have decided to take the summer off from college.

Time: there is not enough of it!

  • I have not had the time to crack open my RosettaStone Spanish software
  • I barely have time to keep my laundry caught up
  • I do no have time to repaint my foyer, hall, or master bedroom.

I want to:

  • Have free time to visit with friends
  • Go to dinner
  • Enjoy an evening out listening to an old friends band (yea, that’s a Big Deal for me)
  • Wiggle my toes in the sand on the beach
  • Take a drive to the old neighborhood
  • Spend time with the family
  • AND LAST, I want to NOT have to worry about studying, researching, writing term papers, or taking exams.

The time off will put me 3 months behind in graduating, but it is what it is and I am going to enjoy my summer.

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