Looking ahead and so excited

As I was updating the look of the blog and browsing though my “spring” pics, I was thinking how nice it will be to finally emerge into SPRING and warmer weather for more than a few days at a time.

Then, my mind did what it usually does and started venturing off on its own and thinking about our upcoming family/friend vacation in the mountains of Pigeon Forge, TN in June.  And how nice it will be to visit Florida, stay with family and work at the corporate office for a few weeks and be back home right after Independence day.

English: Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I am really really excite about is the planned extended weekend in Vegas with the girls in October (whew…finally, a weekend away, nobody to cook for or clean after, and absolutely positively no school work).  The one and only time I have been to Vegas, it was all work and no play; besides the fact that it was so friggin hot outside, and… can you say DRY?  I couldn’t get over the fact that 112* was the low the week I was there and every time I ventured outside my eyes instantly dried out.  This time I’ll be prepared with two bottles of eye-drops because I plan on doing a lot…NO, TONS of sightseeing and memory capturing (picture-taking) this go-around.

As the summer progresses, I’ll be sure to share our fun and adventures.

Wishing you a wonderful summer of 2012.

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