A New Year, A New Chapter

Okay, I am a bit behind in getting this NEW YEAR’S post online…Ugh!  It was intended to be posted eight days ago, but I guess better late than never.

As we are just starting our new year, we have no choice but to close the chapter on 2011.  What about 2011 did you leave behind or what from it are you bring into the new year with you?   I am sure there are plenty of us who wish we could leave something in ’11, but unfortunately are lugging it into ’12 with us.  I would be talking about additional weight.  I find that as each year passes, it becomes more and more challenging to maintain “the most suitable” weight for my age, body type, etc.

Share with us some of your new years resolutions.  Since we are already 9 days in, how are you doing with them?  Have you already trashed any?  If so, what where they?


Here are a few of the resolutions I have heard thus far from family and friends.  What ones will fill your New Year’s Resolution’s page this year? 

  • Shake off that extra weight?
  • Join a gym and/or do things that will lead to a healthier life style?
  • Be a more active parent in you child(ren)’s lives?
  • Finding a church or becoming more involved in the one you attend?
  • Speak with softer words and display loving actions in all you do?
  • Spend more time with family or perhaps cut back on the long hours at work?
  • Invest time, energy, and efforts in more education that will further your career?
  • Find another job that better suits your experience, or will assist in better provisions for your family?
  • Stop a bad habit like smoking or nail-biting?
  • Stop drinking?  Or perhaps start drinking more?  🙂

Do you believe in yourself and your abilities to make the items on your resolution list come to fruition?  Several years ago I decided that life was too short to fret over the small stuff and basically concluded that depending on how I handled a situation, it could all be summed up as small stuff.

I believe we should all do our best in whatever we do and should learn how to be satisfied when we did our best, without shortcuts.  Shortcuts in actions equate to shortcomings in benefits and rewards.  Don’t shortchange yourself.

Additionally, it is ever so important to realize that we CANNOT, no matter how much we want to, we cannot control the actions and decisions of others!  There is one important thing we can control however; and that is how we respond to those actions or decisions that may affect us.  Once we clearly understand how our reaction (negative) or response (positive) affects our perspective of a situation, over time we can sum up that it’s all “small stuff” and we will carry a lighter burden on our shoulders.

In closing…

I am happy to see the old year close as I have many friends and family members who have been affected by the economical slump we are currently experiencing.  In my opinion, our government could have done a better job regarding the economy if they were truly in Washington representing American citizens instead of representing their wallets.  Unfortunately, we have unskilled, unprepared, money-hungry, self-indulgent, self-boasting walking sticks in Washington who are FANTASTIC at blowing smoke to make us think they are the ones who deserve to be in office working for us.  They are spending our money like there is no tomorrow and if they continue, we may find ourselves faced without a tomorrow.

There is so much uncertainty across the globe today and worldwide, there are new people taking over powerful positions who have never served in such capacity before.  Their decisions WILL affect us and we need to have leadership in place who are educated, experienced, and completely capable of protecting, representing, and advancing the USofA!  Okay, enough of the soapbox.

I wish each of you a wonderfully prosperous new year with great health and much happiness.  I hope that you will revisit this page and share some of your joys with us throughout the year.

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