Christmas Eve 2011

Can you believe it is Christmas Eve 2011?  Where has the year gone?

Although my children are mostly grown, my youngest (Luke) and I have been tracking Santa’s delivery route all day.  This morning (eastern US time) Santa was in Russia, then on to Indonesia and Australia.  I check a while ago and he was finishing up his visits in China and would be heading back into another part of Russia to visit the little children.  It brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart just thinking about all the little boys and girls who are filled with excitement and anxiously awaiting Santa’s visit to their home and dreaming about the gifts he would be leaving them under their tree.

I remember when my three guys were little and got so worked up with anticipation of the Santa’s visit, it sometimes took us hours to get them settled down for the night.  By the time mom and dad were finished preparing for the jolly old man’s visit; we were so tired we could have slept for days.  Ahhh…but all parents are familiar with the routine on Christmas morning; we’ve barely fallen asleep before being awoken to the bursts of excitement and giggles from boys who have contained themselves as long as they could and would run through the house, gleefully cheering “Santa was here, Santa was here.”  If our heavy eyes were slow to open, we would find ourselves in a bouncing motion while the little boys jumped on the bed knowing it would soon get us to our feet.  The beautiful memories of Christmases past; the years just fly by and the children grow too fast.  I dedicate this Christmas Day to the little boys in my past; David Anthony, Jason-Michael Andrew, and Lucas Aaron.  I have truly been blessed that these three allowed me to be their mother.

The weatherman/woman have been hinting for several weeks now, that we will not be enjoying a white Christmas this year, I’m good with that.  By this time last year we already had 3 major snow events and 16-inches of the cold, white, and fluffy stuff on the ground.  Its cold enough here for our heat to kick on, so that works for me; a cold Christmas is just what I ordered.  Our tree is trimmed and while I sit here writing, the shimmering lights and glass bulbs cast a warm feeling of the spirit of Christmas throughout the house.  During this hectic time of the year, there is nothing more calming than sitting in a fireplace lit room, Christmas tree lights twinkling, seasonal music softly playing, and a mug of hot chocolate warming cold hands.

With the year coming to a close, I reflect on the adventures experienced, places visited, and those we enjoyed time.  2011 will be remembered as a year with enormous economical struggles that left many unemployed and others homeless.  For those who have suffered hardships in any fashion this year, I pray that your blessings in 2012 will be 10x more than the struggles you’ve pressed through these last twelve months.

In 2011 we watched the transformation of several foreign lands and we are a generation who witnessed the toppling of dictators that suppressed their countrymen, women, and children for decades.  Our world is changing from what we have always known and studied about in school.  We have dreams and plans for the tomorrows before us, yet the future and what it holds is uncertain as those history pages remain empty.

This year we have said goodbye to family members and friends as their purpose on earth was complete; and stole brief moments in time to reflect and remember others who have left this world for a more glorious blessing.  We can take solace in their passing; knowing that we will only be apart a short time before seeing and hugging them again.  In the mean time, we will know they are watching over us and sending whispers to our ears, reminding us they are ever-present in our lives and never far away.

From my family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year.

May God richly bless your life, remember to thank Him for giving His life for yours.

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