Are you ready for holiday guests?

When Robert Allen and Al Stillman wrote the song (There’s No Place Like) Home  For The Holidays for Perry Como in 1954, they didn’t spend the better part of  the holiday week before cleaning up after nieces and nephews, prying the remote  out of their uncle’s iron grip and begging in-laws for just five minutes in  their own bathroom.

Holiday hosts are acutely aware there’s no place like  home for the holidays, if only because their home feels like the one place in  America where home-invading, resource-sucking squatters can’t be dragged out in  cuffs. A survey by vacation rental Website HomeAway  found that 22% of holiday hosts think their guests over stay their welcome after  a day or less.

The list of guest-related grievances stretches longer  than the scrolls that some of the gift-grubbing younger relatives will be  sending to Santa this year. Reluctant hosts say their charges leave stuff strewn  all over the house (31%), don’t help with the cooking or cleaning (26%), need to  be entertained constantly (21%), rifle through the drawers and cabinets (2%) and  hold the television remote hostage for the length of their trip (2%).

The  kicker? Some of these little grinches don’t even want to be there. According to  travel site TripAdvisor,  59% of all holiday travelers will stay with family and friends this year.  Another 14% say they’re going to cut down on stress by paying for other  accommodations rather than staying with family.

Yes, because they are the  ones who are incredibly put out and not the host who has to wait for the UPS  or FedEx truck carrying  the online gifts being shipped ahead by 23% of holiday travelers. Not the  homeowners who have to find the storage space for pre-bought gifts that 17% of  guests are mailing them. Certainly not the homeowners who feel half their  holiday budget goes toward detergent and fabric softener for the 17% of guests  who do laundry at their hosts’ home.

All of these little inconveniences  become a big reason why 29% of hosts have had it with their holiday guests after  only a few days. Coupled with the hassle of getting to their temporary holiday  home in the first place, the chaos awaiting holiday travelers once they arrive  leads to 51% feeling stressed about the whole ordeal.

Share with us in the comment box below, your crazy holiday story of friends and relatives visiting.

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Business Insider:

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