Vacation Pit-Stop

I just have to tell this story as it is perfect for our “Life’s Adventures” blog.

Picture this, we were headed home from our NY/Canada vacation this past August (2011).  Mind you, we had two cars, four people (two in each) and three dogs in the caravan and we were several hours into the eight-hour drive.

On an extremely long stretch of highway, that was somewhat inhospitable to its weary road warriors, particularly those who had to umm, let’s say…pay the water bill.  We are cruising down the interstate and my cell rings, it is an occupant from the other vehicle.  Barely getting out “hello” I am instructed to take the next exit for a quick roadside break.  There was a sense of urgency in the caller’s tone so before we hung up I assured them that we would take the exit.  On a mission, we started scanning the roadside for signs for the next exit.  As Murphy’s Law would have it, when you need it, it isn’t there, but will always have an abundance when it is not needed.  This couldn’t have been more true at that time.

After what seemed like hours, which really ended up being about 20-minutes, our eyes welcomed and fixated on a green roadside sign that stated, next exit in 8 miles.  UGH!

Finally as we approach the top of the exit and it was clear we needed to turn left as there was nothing but a long and narrow road leading to a bunch of nothing going off to the right.  We made our left and I was relieved to see we were approaching a large plaza and a new fast food restaurant.  I made the turn and was heading directly to the restaurant parking while thinking a refreshing drink sounded like a good idea.  As we approached the designated parking lot at a speed that should have been reserved for the race track, we came to a rather quick stop when the yellow tape, printed with “DO NOT ENTER” stood between us and our intended destination.  Apparently the restaurant was still under construction, which did not help the individual who needed to utilize the facilities in what has turned into an almost emergency matter.

My mind is racing and eyes were scanning the area for another pit stop location.  Then, right there in front of us it stood, a small building just a few hundred feet from the construction site where we sat parked.  I figured it was better than nothing and so we headed in the direction of…..YOU GUESSED IT.  The Porta-Potty.

Let’s just say, the next occupant of the temporary facilities did not complain and was rather happy to see relief in sight.  When the deed was complete and he exited the 3×3 box… you should have seen the grin on his face.

So it just goes to show ya, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing or where we’re going, there is always an adventure in store.  Even when the adventure is a scavenger hunt for a porta-potty.

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