College Breaks & Reading

I ask, why is it when you have time to read for college, we don’t have the syllabus in hand to know what to read? Surely there is a way to be  able to get a jump start on the requirements.

So, once again find myself with three weeks off between  quarters and am at a loss of what to do. My schedule is usually packed to the  brim with very little breathing room and now…here I sit, waiting for the next  quarter of chaos to begin.

All of the crammed hours of homework, reading and studying will pay off soon if all continues to go well. I will graduate in the spring  with my AABA. Then it will be on to the next chapter, the  good ole Bachelors with two minors. WHAT? Am I crazy? I am starting to believe  that I just may be a little off-center. Perhaps the whole magnitude of the  chosen course has not fully sunk in. Could that be the reason I am so gung-ho about this education stuff? Or, could it be that I am really am smart and  realize that my student loans will not start coming payable while I am in college?

I think it is a win-win scenario for me. I win in the fact  that I don’t have to start repaying student loans right now and during the deferment of said loans, I can continue my education, an education that will hopefully  lead me to greater things and perhaps some world traveling.

Perhaps it is the light at the end of the tunnel is why I  find myself anxious to start the next quarter. One that cannot be experienced  until the path through the dark has been traveled and the light has been  touched with the tip of my finger.  Let’s just hope I don’t burn myself.

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