Ohh, have I got a story to tell you.

We were not always so blessedIt all started when two best friends got together for a well over due vacation with their families and six, yes “6” dogs.

The Three Z’s traveled rather well on our 7+ hour journey to North Tonawanda, NY this past week.  We had four people, two cars, three dogs, a cooler, countless pillows, luggage, dog bed and toys.  Needless to say, we were ready to get away.  After a few stops along the way to enjoy the scenery, take potty breaks and to walk the dogs…finally, we arrived at our long awaited destination.

Upon our arrival and after all the customary “missed you” hugs, we introduced the six dogs.  We had Raven, Aurora “Rory” for short, van Gogh, Zeek, Zuse, Zoey.  They had two females and one male, we had two males and one female, so it all evened out.   Picture this, the dogs we’re greeting each other in THEIR customary way of sniffing.  WELL…Zuse wanted no part of that “tradition” and made it well known that he would not be partaking in such act of introduction. Raven being the polite and courteous hostess was determined to get to know her guests and had a special flicker in her eye when it came to Stud Muffin Zuse.  She did her best to welcome the old man throughout the afternoon and was finally able to do so “properly” several hours after arriving.  WELL…that got the whole introduction thing going again and let’s just say…there was a whole lotta butt sniffin’ and greetin’ going on in the house that day.


Rory on left and vanGogh on right

Author’s note: I am so happy that humans do not introduce ourselves in that manner.  It could prove to be quite embarrasing for all involved.

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