Introduction to the Three Z’s


I would like to introduce everyone to Zeek.  He is a very loveable fella and enjoys snuggling, when he wants to be snuggled.  He is a bit timid at times, but can hold his own.   Zeke, as we call him, was the runt of the litter and the last one to be adopted.  I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.  He is well-behaved and loves to run and play outside with his sister Zoey.  Zeek was born on May 21, 2010 in Holiday, FL.


This is Zuse (the God of Gods).  Well, maybe not, but we liked the name anyway and he seems to like it too.  Zuse has been known by many names in the past.  You see, when we found him, we were the third (and last) family to adopt him which was also happened to be his second rescue.  He has had a tough life, one in which we and the vet seems to believe he was previously abused.  We think he is about 7 to 8 years old and do not know his birthday so we picked October 31st as HIS special day.  He moves a little slower than his brother Zeek and sister Zoey, but he still gets out there and runs (romps) in the yard with them every once in a while. He used to be skittish about people putting their hands around his face, but that isn’t a problem any longer.  He knows we love him and always treat with gentleness.  He enjoys the affection and has never turned down a belly rub.  He has an adventurous nature about him (how can he not as he spent many months outdoors on his own). While on vacation this past week in New York, dad took all three out to potty and somehow Zuse was left outside.  It was not until an hour or so later when we realized he was not in the house.  WHEW…talk about your heart stopping.  Jason and I were looking for him when Jason spotted him on a lead that was held be a neighbor to our friends.  Long story short….he is home, safe and sound.

Zoey (aka: Cupcake or Mz. Thang)

This is little Mz. Zoey, she was born on December 11, 2010 in Ohio.  She came into our lives when she was 12-weeks young and has the most precious little personality.  As you can see by the picture, she smiles and loves to have her hair and nails done.  Hmmm, wonder who she takes after.  Mz. Thang should have been born a cat as she loves loves loves to cuddle and will jump in our laps and lay on our chests, just like a cat or baby would do.  She loves everyone and shows it by licking them endlessly.  She spends her days basking in the sun when outside and giving both of her brothers heck. Whenever there is a scuffle, you can bet lil’ Mz. Zoey is in the middle of it all.

Well, those are the stories of our three Z’s.  If ever you get a chance to meet them, the will meet you with kisses. They all are very affectionate and when it’s bedtime, they can be found in bed with Gramps.  Even though having three of them can sometimes be tiring, I just couldn’t image life without them.

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