Today’s Observance is…

Apparently I missed that yesterday (April 10th) was National Siblings Day so I looked up what other weird observance day might be next and I learned that TODAY,yes, today. is…

Eight Track Tape Day

When : Always April 11th

Eight Track Tape Day brings back fond memories of the sixties and seventies. During this era, eight track tapes ruled the music world. America’s love of the automobile, was a driving force in creating the demand for musical cassette formats. For those who grew up in this era, an eight track tape player in your home and your car was an essential. It was eventually replaced by cassette and other formats for storing music.

Eight Track Tape Day is a day to bring back fond memories of the sixties and seventies. If you still have tapes and a player, by all means enjoy the day listening to some great music. If not, just spend a few minutes looking back in time to when you loved your eight track tapes!

Did you know? Eight track tapes were created by the jet maker William Lear.

Source: Holiday Insights

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Do you still have an Eight-Track (tapes or player?  My question is…who in the world thought of taking pictures of some of the things we find on the internet?  Especially the Eight-Track Tape. Humm?

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Throwback Thursday: The Family, Circa 1980s

Family Togetherness

WOW…no matter how we try to sugar coat it, some pictures from the past can be unflattering and sometimes haunting; just for the record I’m talking about myself in the picture below. What in the world, was I laughing???

Back Row: Me, Rick, Mom, Tony Down Front: Melody

Back Row (LtoR): Me, Rick, Mom, Tony & Missy
Down Front: Melody

That’s me on the far left, sitting next to my brother Rick, who we lost in May 2004.  As I look at this picture I can remember the events of the day pretty well; what I can’t remember was the year; however I will say it WAS in the 1980s as that’s when I had the short doo (hair-doo).  As we age, stuff like this just sorta melds together and dates become non-existent, unless they are documented on the back of the photo (which was not the case for this picture.)

For this particular vacation (ooo…visions of the Griswalds just came to mind), we were all in Kentucky for Christmas with only Tony and I, along with our families, having traveled from Florida that year and this picture was taken at our maternal grandparent’s home.  I’m sure like most families around the holidays we made it a point to have group and family pictures taken for future keepsakes. And oh what sweet memories those are.

Passage of Time

As we grew older and one-by-one left the nest, it wasn’t very often that mom had all five of her kids together at the same time, but when we were…wow, the house (and sometimes neighborhood) would never be the same.

We loved being together, catching up on one another’s lives, loving on our nieces and nephews, sharing a snuggle with mom while watching the Cincinnati fireworks on TV on New Years Eve, preparing big family meals, and making candies and treats with the kids.

The house was always full of laughter, food, love, and activities during the day. At night, not a spec of flooring could be found as all the grandkids camped out with their sleeping bags, making sure to be near to their favorite cousin(s).  Over the years during the different times we were all together (or nearly all of us) and the little ones were settling down for slumber, I recall hearing giggles and chatter coming from all angles of the house.  The parents were not rushed to quite them as we knew the children were enjoying being with family as much as their parents were.  Ahh, what precious precious memories of the excited little ones sharing stories and hugs with their cousins.

Tears swell in my eyes as I think back to those times long passed. They shall never be again except in memory.  So many things have changed, loved ones lost, marriages broken, children marrying and moving away, and four of the five siblings are grandparents, some several times over.

I truly miss those times together and wish we were able to stop letting life get in the way so that we could have been more physically present in the lives of our mom and each other.

The Future

Being a Nona of three precious grandchildren with another grandson arriving this August, I will remember to take care in creating more family time with my children and grandchildren. I shall remember not to let life be so all consuming and forget what really matters F-A-M-I-L-Y!  Why are we really put on this earth?  To work day and night…I THINK NOT!  It is to cherish our family, love on them, share activities, make memories and let them know how much they mean to us.

Thank you for letting me share some of my fond memories with you.

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Interesting Facts: Television Shows, Movies & Actors

  1. MASH was the #1 most watched series finale in 1983 with its 105.9 million viewers.
  2. Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster’s real name was Sid.
  3. Jim Davis, who played patriarch Jock Ewing on the original Dallas died in his sleep on April 26, 1981 at age 65.
  4. The gold chains that Mr. T wore on the series The A-Team weighed between 30 and 40 pounds.
  5. Psycho was the first movie to have a toilet flushing in a scene.
  6. On Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Mr. Roger’s sweaters were all hand knitted by his mother
  7. Disney turned down the chance to make Back to the Future claiming the mother/son relationship was too risqué.
  8. A Superman figure is hidden in every episode of Seinfeld.
  9. In summer of 1976, “Theme From Happy Days” was a hit single, peaking at #5 on the national charts.
  10. Gilligan’s Island Producer Sherwood Schwartz picked Gilligan’s name at random out of a phone book.
  11. John Stamos played an uncle on Full House his name was going to be Adam but in the end his character was called Uncle Jesse.
  12. During the last season of The Facts of Life, David Spade was in an episode that was supposed to be turned into a spin-off series called “Big Apple Blues” about college roommates living in New York City, but it never materialized.
  13. On The Brady Bunch, the sliding glass door in the back of the Brady house actually never had a glass screen in it. It was simply put on the sliders with no glass to prevent glares from lighting while filming.
  14. When Fonzie made his first appearance on Happy Days he wore a windbreaker instead of his trademark leather jacket because television executives thought leather made him look like a hoodlum.
  15. The first episode of I Love Lucy aired when Lucille Ball was 41.
  16. Twenty-seven actors got their start from appearing in the 1980s sitcom Miami Vice.
  17. On the show Friends, Monica and Joey were originally going to be an item before writers/creators decided to have Monica and Chandler get together.
  18. Laverne & Shirley, Joanie Loves Chachi, and Mork & Mindy were all spin-off shows from Happy Days.
  19. During the filming of the Dukes of Hazard pilot episode, two directors were eating breakfast in the town square when they heard a car drive by that played the opening bars to “Dixie” as the horn. This, they thought, must be in the show. They chased down the owner, bought the horn out of his car for $300, and installed it in a General Lee.
  20. Carroll O’Connor auditioned for the part of the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island, but Schwartz rejected him. O’Connor went on to become the famous Archie Bunker on All in the Family.
  21. The refrigerator in Monica’s apartment on Friends actually worked and was filled with soda and water for crew and cast.

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